Final word for SKBP 1023

All posting from posting 1 till 6 are done as course requirement for SKBP 1023, Languange and ICT under Ass.Prof.Datin Dr.Norizan Abdul…

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Final posting…

1.Do you think that computer can assist you to become a better language learner?

For me, the answer is yes…why not…want to know why the answer is yes??? let me explain it… Actually computer really assist me to become a better language learner…especially in English as i’m taking English course…As we now life in globalization world, learning through computer is more interesting than just reading books…By using computer or website, we can do a lot of online test such as vocabulary test, listening, grammar and also reading test. For me, internet have everything that we need as a student…It’s also providing us 24/7 accessibility to course material and providing just-in-time methods to access and evaluate student progress…so I can use it to improve my english learning…As we all know,internet have all the information that we need to help us on doing our assignment…The conclusion is, with the help of computer,i can become a better language leaner…

How  blogging can assisting me in building confidence in writing, confidence in publishing my work and getting ideas to write.

1.Building confidence in writing

Actually, i already know about blogging since i was in lower six but i’m not interested in blogging at that time…For the last semester, i required to make a blog for my group’s assignment… starting from that, i love to blogging because it’s really give me confidence in writing…Beside that, blogging also change the style of my writing…i am free to write anything that i would like to write without considering about the grammatically mistakes and any hesitation…i also have my own personal blog…and now my hobby is blogging…At the same time, blogging can help me to improve my language…

2.Confidence in publishing my work

Honestly, at the very first time, my confidence level in writing blog is really low and i feels awkward…but know, everytime i posted something  in my blog,it does really improved my confidence in publishing my work…Visitors will read our posting if the title is catchy, they will leave comment and this will boost our confidence level in writing… Now, i will write everything that i have in my mind without feels awkward anymore…i feel free to write anything that i want…

3.Getting ideas to write.

Actually,by blogging i can get many ideas to write especially when i’m observing my friend’s blog and figure out the best way to write and deliver something so that people can accept it…for this blog, i will serve to the internet to search for the right input for my assignment but for my personal blog i will visit my friend’s blog to get new information and new blog’s layout so that my blog become more interactive and people can visit my blog without feeling boring…i love to blogging because when i’m start writing, the ideas will come across my mind…

4.Improving my writing skills.

Totally agree that blogging can improve my writing skills…from what i have learned in Written Communication class, writing is a skill…and it can be improved…blogging is the way to improve our writing skills…because we need to update our blog and that is mean that we need to write more…this will improve the way we are writing…When we write something,of course we expect that people will read it and this will make us to think the best way to write something that can attract people to read it…so, it is all depends to us…for me,blogging is fun and help me improve my writing…

If you are going to use computer to teach language one day, which language learning website will you recommend?

As for me, i recommend this website’s url :

want to know why i recommend this url??? it is because i think this url is almost complete and it contains all english language skills…such as listening, reading, speaking, writing, grammar and also vocabulary…Moreover, i also can do all the test because this website has many exercises…

I think that’s all from me…roger and out…happy blogging…good night…

What is concordance all about???

This is my final posting for Language and Information Technology. It’s all about “concordance”.

How to use concordancer???


For 5th posting,students are required to list the url of the online test. We also required to try the test, explain what is the test all about and write the advantages and disadvantages. Actually, the website can  test us either in vocabulary or grammar.

My first choice is:


Using this website,we can do a lot of online test such as vocabulary test, listening test, grammar and reading test. For the vocabulary test,there are 10 questions and we only have 10 second to answer each questions. If we can not get the answer in the time given, the answer will automatically appear and our mark will be deducted.


This is another site that we can use to do online practice. For this test, we are required to answer the practice test first. For the practice test, we should complete the questions in 60 seconds or less. Then after we click the “finished” button,the answer will appear straight away. After that we can take the real test. During the test, we must read and respond to a total of 38 statements in thirteen minutes or less. If we take longer, we will be penalized, or if we get through the test in less time than thirteen minutes, our score will be increased.



  • immediate result
  • focuses in the specific topic
  • interactive
  • save time
  • immediate feedback
  • can help student to improve their vocabulary.
  • Enhancing student-to-student and faculty-tostudent
  • communication.
  • Enabling student-centered teaching approaches.
  • Providing 24/7 accessibility to course materials. Providing just-in-time methods to assess and evaluate student progress.
  • Reducing “administrivia” around course management.
  • Enhancing student-to-student and faculty-tostudentcommunication.
  • Enabling student-centered teaching approaches.
  • Providing 24/7 accessibility to course materials.
  • Providing just-in-time methods to assess and evaluate student progress.
  • Reducing “administrivia” around course management.


    1. Students who need a social charge may struggle with the concept of online education. On the same token that online classes are great for people who are shy, they are not as good for people who need the social buzz of the campus atmosphere.
    2. Depending on the teaching methods and coursework delivery, there could be an element of dishonesty. This disadvantage is overrated. Cheating happens online and on-campus – your instructor knows the truth!
    3. Students should have the discipline to work independently. There is a lot of interaction online with your instructor and other students, but you may need to schedule your time appropriately so that you get your classes and homework done.
    4. Students of online learning may need to acquire new technical skills. (This could also be considered an advantage, but I was short on disadvantages, so I decided to use it here.) Seriously though, without some computer knowledge, students could get frustrated and disappointed with frozen computer screens or downtime.
    5. Of the disadvantages of e-learning, possibly the most influential is that students do not have face to face interaction with the instructor, as they would in a traditional classroom setting. Purists debate that online education and the lack of face to face instruction is diluting the culture of learning.

    Summary for page 299 in OTL :

    The team constructed the placement test using the LearningCare web-based system. LearningCare does provide a relatively simple interface for test development, scoring and statistics keeping, which made it a good platform for the development of the pilot phase of the online test. Specification for the test include information on content, format and timing, criteria levels of performance and scoring procedures(Hughes, 1989). Styles and topics of texts will reflect the kinds of written texts that are to be found in teaching materials of the various training modules.

== It’s all about POEM ==

This is my choices:



He saw a dead crow
in a drain
near the Post Office,
He saw an old man
gasping for air
And a baby barely able to breathe
In a crowded morning clinic
This land is so rich
Why should we suffer like this?

I want clean air
For my grandchildren
I want the damned fools
To leave the forest alone,
I want the trees to grow,
The rivers run free
And the earth covered with grass.
Let the politicians plan how
we may live with dignity
Now and always

Stanza 1

� The poet sees a dead crow lying in a drain
� Then he goes to a clinic and sees an old man and a baby having breathing problems
� He ask why there should be so much suffering in a wealthy country.

Stanza 2
� The poet wants clean air for his grandchildren
� He wants the forests to be undisturbed so that the trees can grow
� He wants the rivers to flow freely
� He wants the earth to be covered with grass
� He suggests that politicians should think of way to solve the pollutions problems so that people can live decently now and forever

About the author:

A. Samad Said was born in 1935 in Malacca. He completed
his education in Singapore, which was still part of Malaya then.
At a very young age, he enjoyed reading English novels and adventure stories.

His interest in writing  began when he worked as an editor
at Utusan Melayu, a Malay-language newspaper. From 1954,
he wrote and published many short stories dealing with Malay
society and national issues. It has been said that A. Samad Said
got many ideas for his stories by observing people and things while
riding the bus or standing on street corners.

Salina, his first novel, won him the S.E.A Writer’s Award in 1979.
Other honours include the National Literary Award in 1985 and
the ASEAN Award in 1993. Many of A. Samad Said’s works have
been translated into English, among the poem The Dead Crow.



William Shakespeare

about the author:

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, allegedly on April 23, 1564.Church records from Holy Trinity Church indicate that he was baptized there on April 26, 1564.Young William was born of John Shakespeare, a glover and leather merchant, and Mary Arden, a landed heiress. William, according to the church register, was the third of eight children the Shakespeare household—three of whom died in childhood. John Shakespeare had a remarkable run of success as a merchant, and later as an alderman and high bailiff of Stratford, during William’s early childhood fortunes declined, however, in the 1570s.

~Sonnet 18: Translation to modern English~

Shall I compare you to a summer’s day? You are more lovely and more moderate: Harsh winds disturb the delicate buds of May, and summer doesn’t last long enough. Sometimes the sun is too hot, and its golden face is often dimmed by clouds. All beautiful things eventually become less beautiful, either by the experiences of life or by the passing of time. But your eternal beauty won’t fade, nor lose any of its quality. And you will never die, as you will live on in my enduring poetry. As long as there are people still alive to read poems this sonnet will live, and you will live in it.

His other works include:


By using literature material online,students can have access to the following content:

  • Synopsis, summary, setting, plot, character, themes, moral values, language, aspects of novel/short story, biography of author and etc.
  • Comprehension questions and answers for practice and can be downloaded.
  • Interactive flash games for fun and reinforcement.
  • Sample questions of SPM English 1119 papers for SPM students.
  • Great illustrations of the characters to accompany the novels.

What is the meaning of CMC????

Computer- mediated- communication or CMC can be defined as communicative transaction that occurs through the use of two or more networked computers. It has traditionally referred to those communications that occur via instant messages, e-mails, and chat room ( computer- mediated- formats).It also has been applied to other forms of text- based interaction such as text messaging. Research show that CMC focuses largely on the social effect of different computer-supported communication technologies

According to Levy ( 1997: 79 ) based on Use of Computer- Mediated Communication to facilitate Second Language Acquisition  from the book Online Teaching and Learning in ELT , CMC as concerned with communication between two or more participants via a computer covering technological platforms. There are benefits of using this medium :

1) provides more equitable platform and less threatening forum for second language discussion.

2) increased participation among students.

3) more decentralized role of the dominal teacher.

The term web-based computer applications refers to all CMC modes such as E-mails, e-lists, e-forums, chat rooms,online discussion groups, mailing list and blogs.

The grammatical in accuracy,miscommunication,inappropriate language use and the different types of language function found commonly in communication online could pose as a problem to those who are new and just learning how to use CMC. The use of CMC in Malaysia is obviously among students. Based on Chapter 4 in  Reading in Online Language Learning and Teaching, some researchers gave the impression that e-mail is less formal than writing and meant to be fast and simple ( Zubaida, 2000).

1) simplification of the syntax by applying subject or modal deletion (Murray,1988)

2) loose grammar and spelling mistakes (Zubaida, 2000)

3) abbreviated forms like ” btw, fyi , and asap ” ( Zubaida , 2000)

4) simplified spelling ( e.g. wanna) ( Zubaida, 2000)

Critics also claimed that e-mails lack the non-verbal cues normally found in face-to-face communication such as facial expressions, eye contact and voice quality. This lack of non-verbal cues has been overcome by the development of paralinguistic cues such as emoticons and smiley. These are the common paralinguistic cues in CMC reported by researchers.

1) the use of emoticons will represent facial expressions such as smiling,angry, or sad

2) special icons or pictograms

3) capital letter

4) trailing dots (…) and dashes (-) to signal open endness in e-mail

5) quoting previous mail.


Students are required to advertise a product by looking at online e- commerce such as,, e-bay. For my group, we are required  to advertise this product as our presentation for Language and Information Technology. The best part is we got a lot of compliments from our lecturer and friends eventhough our advertisement is simple compared to the other groups.By using blog, we also can advertise our product to the public.

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